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Our farm stand is now open

Fridays from 3-7 pm

at Glade Road Growing (2351 Glade Road). 

We now have bulk paste tomato boxes for sale at our farm stand for $1.50/lb. Boxes are 20-25 lbs. Get them while we have them!



You are invited to our free Farm Tour, Sunday, September 14th, 2014 at part of Blacksburg's Sustainability Week

Since there is a lot of ground to cover, we divided the tour this year into sections- you are welcome to come to all of them. JP will explain all about how he raises vegetables without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The majority of his methods and tools are applicable to home gardeners. Sally and Ben will show you the chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs they raise on the pasture land surrounding the garden. They'll talk about how their rearing methods make the animals unique along with the benefits and challenges of raising animals this way, from pasture to plate. After the tours we'll talk question and answers to your farming heart's content. We love our farm and what we do some come see what it's all about. Wear intelligent shoes and dress for weather- tours are rain for shine.

2-3:30 pm- Garden walk with JP focusing on tools and techniques used to raise vegetables organically

3:30-5 pm- Pastured poultry and pigs with Sally and Ben where we'll see the animals and talk all about how we raise them

5 pm- midnight- Q and A and post-tour farm chit chat

We're at the Blacksburg Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm and Wednesdays from 2 pm to 7 pm. Look for our stand on the cobblestones behind the main structure.

Check our facebook page or join our mailing list for updates on how the farm is doing.

Our Farm Share is sold out for 2014.

Many thanks to all our participants!

Check back later for 2015 sign up.

Duck eggs are here! Try some today, but be aware- once you go duck you never go back. Our laying ducks are fed non-GMO vegetarian feed and raised outdoors on pasture.

2014 pp duckgrazing 

Pastured Freedom Ranger Chickens

fed non-GMO feed 

Now taking 2014 reservations for our fresh, local chicken fed non-GMO.

We are proud to be using a non-GMO chicken feed. Click here for more details on our chickens.

We are a small farm located on Glade Road, across from the Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia. We specialize in annual vegetables, but also have several colonies of honeybees and an apple orchard with 15 varieties of apples. Additionally, we now raise pastured Freedom Ranger meat chickens. This is our fifth year at it so wish us luck!

We are fortunate to be in the energetic company of our amazing employees, Ben, Lisa, and Jessie. Along with working with us, they are also active in starting their own businesses. Be sure to check out Ben's pastured pork later this year and Jessie and Lisa's hot food stand, the Fare Palate, at the Blacksburg Farmers Market. Also, many thanks to all our volunteers and compadres that help us out here on Glade Road.

Our farming methods are based on building and maintaining soil health, biodiversity, and community involvement (read: fun). We do our best to serve as caretakers of the land by using organic matter-based mulches and cover crops. Although our intensive cultivation area only occupies about four acres, we also manage the remaining 44 acres of the property, part in rotational pasture for a local beef cattle farmer and part in a native-species forest and riparian area for a tributary of Tom’s Creek. Come by and introduce yourself- we'd love to meet you. 

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